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Author, Investigative Journalist, Talk Show Host, Lecturer, Writer, Alternative Science Expert
Broadcast Journalist, Vagabond, Farmer, Naturalist, Author
Empowerment Coach, Blogger, Writer, Speaker, Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Marine and Wildlife Conservation Advocate
Filmmaker, Host, Writer, Director, Thrive Community Founder, Aikido Black Belt, Living Geometry Researcher, Human Potential Facilitator, Consciousness Educator
Beef Farmer, Dairy Farmer, Author, Speaker, Metaphysical Explorer
Native American, Canadian Human Rights Campaigner, Crimes of Church and State Researcher, Author
Healer, Teacher, Shaman, Consultant, Author, Music Producer, Artist, Philosopher, Alchemist
Teacher, Author, Consciousness Transformation Facilitator, Special Forces Green Beret Officer, Speaker
Writer, Producer, Internationally Known Channeller, Speaker, Author, Trance Channel, Voice of Bashar
Educator, Mentor, Coach, Author, Speaker, Transformational Business Consultant, Humanitarian, Healer, Sportswriter, Media Relations Expert, Entrepreneur, Innovator