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Scientist, Inventor, Public Speaker, Nurse, Activist, Researcher
Medical Professional, Artist, Writer, Blogger, Photographer, Outreach Expert, USAF Veteran, Intelligence Operation Specialist, Peace Activist, Green Energy Activist, Radio Show Host
Filmmaker, Director, Producer, Composer, Editor, Spiritual Experiencer
Ancient Mayan Researcher, Pioneer of Time Transformation, Natural Time Visionary, Educator, Speaker, Author
Cetacean Researcher, Dolphin Communications Expert, Delphin Tel-Empathic Communication Authority, Psychologist, Shaman, Scientist, Educator, Author, Producer
Systems Analyst, Sacred Geometry Expert, Inventor, Lecturer, Consciousness Explorer, Consultant
Teacher, Consultant, Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, Kinesiologist, Alternative Media Investigator, Founder of Project Camelot, Producer, Director
Ship Captain, Commander of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Marine Wildlife Conservation Interventionist, Activist
Filmmaker, Political Activist, Journalist, Chemtrails Researcher
Author, Researcher, Businessman, Archaeologist, Teacher, Anthropologist, Sociologist, Ancient Civilization Expert, Professor, TV Editor, Producer, Lecturer