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Submitted by samba on 10 May 2021

Get Paid for Referrals!

Refer us new customers: broadcaster, podcaster, radio &/or web-tv hosts, sponsors or advertisers, and Earn 20% Commission on Gross Receipts in Perpetuity!

Introduce a person to BBS Radio TV and get paid for as long as they desire our products and/or services. They will find out why our platform, products, services and prices are unbeatable! We offer the most for the least, and we're great at it! We love this business!

What if you could earn a 20% commission, or greater, on every product you sold?  What if that 20% commission included every product that person ever buys into the future? You'd only have to convince them to buy the product once, yet because of the nature of the product (like a pharmaceutical drug), they'll continue to re purchase that same product every week, earning you a perpetual income. So whenever they grow and demand more product, your commissions increase automatically. That's right, no matter what we receive from your referral, you'll receive 20% of the gross amount, in perpetuity, for as long as they are with the network. When they do more radio, or decide to advertise more heavily, or pay for other services, you 'll get your piece (20%) of the pie! Think on that for a while! Let us chat with your friends and contacts for an informal chat about our services, and if they become a broadcaster, podcaster, or  web-tv host, you will be getting paid! Commission payments are made monthly!


Your referrals will never have to sign a contract. There are no commitments for them to keep. They can say what they want without censorship or delay. They are globally syndicated and have more services and data provided to them than they might possibly want. We put everything out there, even our prices. We're bold that way! Compare us to the rest and you'll get it!

We've been around since 2004 and we are unequaled at engineering live interactive talk shows. We broadcast live and then podcast the radio and/or web-tv productions globally! Check us out! To find out more about who we are what we do, click here.

Call us toll free at 888-710-8061 in the USA/Canada, or direct to 323-744-4828 and we'll explain how simple it is. We do 99% of the work, so you don't have to; at no cost! We are that honest and ethical. We will treat you and your referrals right!

“If it’s not mainstream, it’s on BBS Radio TV.”
Professional broadcasting and worldwide podcasting for talk shows!

• Fully interactive professional live broadcasts anyone can do from anywhere.
• Global syndication of podcasts, plus dynamic feeds to All Major Portals
• Free Conversion of all Audio productions (mp3) to Videos (mp4) with Images!
• Complete integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest!
• A plethora of 'real time' performance statistics that are dynamic & accurate!
• Highly visible, professionally customized web site, platinum level features!
• Free Transcripts of every Radio Production and TV Show, automatically!
• No Gimmicks. No Limits. No Restrictions. No Censorship. No S#!%.

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Contact BBS Radio TV
BBS Network, Inc.
58 North Marshside Place
Spring, TX 77389
888-710-8061 US/Canada
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