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Submitted by samba on 19 April 2021

Live Talk Shows Done Right

Experience Live Talk Shows Done Right

Experience Talk Shows (Radio and Web-TV Talk Shows) Done Right!

Why Choose BBS Radio TV?

We're reliable, well established and extremely knowledgeable.
We have the sophistication, the resources and the experience.
Our service, our website and our software are legendary!

Professional Live Broadcasting and Global Podcasting
Worldwide Marketing and Global Syndication
for Radio and Web-TV Talk Shows!

BBS Radio TV can be heard live on over 100 of the World's largest live Broadcast Stations, the five largest Social Networks and the biggest Podcast Stations on the planet! We are worldwide! When you broadcast and/or podcast with BBS Radio TV you're exposed to an audience of millions of people all over the world! Why go anywhere else! BBS Radio TV Affiliate Partners

What broadcasters most want and need, we offer, and far more! In fact, no other company in this industry can offer what we can, and we excel at it! Furthermore, no company can match our prices (not even close)! We are one of the very first companies to remotely engineer internet talk radio! We love radio, and we know you will be extremely satisfied with our Diamond level platform, service and capabilities! We are dedicated, personable and always available! There really isn't another company that has the ability to perform at our level, and getting started is easy, painless and fun! We do almost all the work on our end and then provide you with the keys to kingdom (on the house)! Aside from that, we are one of the two oldest Internet Talk Radio Networks in existence, and extremely well-trafficked!

Here's why you should choose BBS Radio TV.

BBS Radio TV is genuine and authentic, and we absolutely know what the heck we're doing! We've pioneered the industry of Remote Engineered Talk Shows, being one of the first companies in the world to do so! In fact, BBS Radio TV is so vast it has its own Culture! We remotely engineer live talk shows (Worldwide Radio and Web-TV) better than anyone else in the world! Nothing compares to our services and support! We create your talk show universe and then basically do everything for you. If you wish to do professional web radio tv talk show broadcasting at the best possible price, then you came to the right place!

Here are just a few reasons we do talk shows right!

  1. Sound quality - Excellent! We record you in lossless wave and 128kbps stereo mp3. We also podcast your productions in high quality.
  2. Free Video mp4! We convert your audio production (mp3) automatically to a video production (mp4) and syndicated both! Our system automatically converts your audio podcast into a video podcast, with an image of your choice! That's Right! We do this upon request only..... as many do not require/request it. Our coders are masters and have created the first of a kind system that allows you to have a video in syndication to portals like YouTube (and others) without ever having to be in front of a camera! Add whatever imagery you wish to go with your video production so that it attracts viewers from all over the world.
  3. You have a professional audio engineer "live board operator" managing your entire production in real time, screening callers, running audio commercials, bumpers, liners and music tracks, making audio adjustments during the entire broadcast, and noting all problems for editing prior to syndication. However, if you do not require a board operator, then your price is discounted by $20 for that broadcast hour. That's Right!
  4. Free audio editing of delivered talk show productions, prior to broadcasting and global syndication via podcast.
  5. Free pre-marketing and pre-advertising functionality for promotional purposes of upcoming show content.
  6. Free pre-marketing and pre-advertising of your guests with featured placement of all your interviewed guests prior to Showtime.
  7. Free syndication on all your broadcasts globally via on-demand podcasts available to everyone, everywhere at no charge.
  8. Toll Free call-in numbers and 6 different dedicated phone lines for callers with questions.  Our main number and toll free number hunt for the best available line open. Callers can even call in on our Skype phone line to interact, also at no charge.
  9. True call separation and conferencing. Each host, co-host, guest and caller is connected to the the studio uniquely and individually (via separate phone lines and devices), so that we can modulate and optimize the sound signal for each line individually, thereby obtaining the very best sound quality possible. This is a unique feature, and it allows us to have many callers on the program, all interacting clearly, even if they are using different types of communication lines and devices such as VOIP lines, Bluetooth devices, cell phones, analog lines, landlines, computer lines, hardware codecs, etc. Our custom phone bridging system allows us to conference all 8 lines perfectly. Therefore you can party down with all the callers, guests, panel members, co-hosts and hosts!
  10. Pay as you go. No contracts and no set-up fees required.
  11. All information is tagged and bagged for search engine optimization and becomes a permanent and easily accessible form of content. That means people all over the world will be able to find you on our network. Our system is a diamond level system and markets, advertises and syndicates all your information powerfully.
  12. Free statistical dashboard, with click personalization capability, for your broadcasts and podcasts, providing you all the relevant statistics about live listener numbers, syndication subscribers, on demand podcast listeners and data on every piece of content you create and/or upload to your show page, including, blogs, articles, audio clips, video clips, featured guests, headlined shows, program handouts, small banners and large banners. You will also know how many people visit your show page, user page and podcast episode pages.
  13. Free network and social site syndication. We're hooked into the five largest social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. All blog posts, written articles, featured guest posts and headlined show announcements will automatically appear on Your social networks and BBS Radio TV's social networks, as well, they will automatically appear on BBS Radio TV's front page, three schedule station pages, the newsroom, your show page and other locations, each with their own syndication feed link for subscribers.
  14. Free submission of your podcasts to all major podcast portals, including hands free devices like ALEXA. Example: Hey Alexa "Start John Doe Show."
  15. People are always around to answer the phones.
  16. Free professional creation of your program bumpers, such as your introduction audio file (INTRO), program conclusion audio file (OUTRO), commercial bumpers and liners, and commercials promoting you, your program, and/or your products or services.
  17. Free professional creation and promotion of a network commercial under our premium plan. That's Right! We'll help you create a professional commercial, up to 1 minute in length, that will be syndicated throughout all our stations. This network promo will air about 3 times per station per day. You can advertising anything you wish in your network commercial!
  18. Your prices will never go up as long as you are on the network. Once you start, you are "grandfathered" in at the price you first payed, even when our prices go up.
  19. We pay ALL long distance charges. We call your co-hosts and guests on our dime no matter where in the world they reside.
  20. Free global syndication of your podcasts to any and all major portals. We automatically put your podcast feed in iTunes and Google Play and also provide you with the dynamic feed link that you can then use to syndicate your podcast to as many other podcast locations and affiliates as you wish. We'll will even provide you with a list of over 50 podcast stations that you can distribute your content to, instantly such as Tunein, Pod Bay, Pod Directory,, Blubrry, Stitcher, and so many more. However, all the largest podcast portals in the world generally carry our talk show programming automatically, without you doing anything! 
  21. Free advertising placement of all your sponsor and advertiser commercials, banners and links on your station pages and podcast episodes. All sponsor and advertising revenues you negotiate are yours to keep (100%).
  22. We do not advertise during your live broadcasts nor in your on-demand podcasts. We do not add advertisements to your audio segments after your show finishes airing live. We do not add advertisements to your content pages like your program pages or episodes pages. We do not add hidden code to your content or use software to systematically start and stop your program for advertisements. You will not need to have your audio files professionally edited to remove sound bits that are not yours (which is simply unheard of anywhere else), which is a big plus when your program airs on other networks! It's all you, all the time!
  23. Free creation of your program banner! Although you can always use your own.
  24. No limits on the number of callers, listeners or viewers. We are powerful enough that we don't need to restrict broadcasters in any way. We have our own streaming services and multiple high end website servers that allow us maximum bandwidth for audio streams. We stay up while others go down. Most websites cannot handle even a fraction of the total number of live listeners we can accommodate (and they never tell you that fact)!
  25. Free prerecording of your shows if your guest(s) can't make a particular show-time due to various circumstances. Essentially, this is an extra hour of studio time that you are not charged for. Although this does require an extra hour of studio time (one to prerecord and another to broadcast) we do not charge you a fee for this service.
  26. Fully reporting and able to play any and all music files necessary for your broadcasts. We pay all music royalties!
  27. 24-hour turn-a-round on all broadcasts. Within less than 24 hours, your broadcasts become globally syndicated podcasts with all the necessary data to become syndicatable.
  28. Everything is Free to listeners around the globe. No membership is required! Even our Smart Apps for Android and Apple phones are FREE to download and utilize. Listeners have many ways to tune in to our stations. Our own custom smart phone apps which are designed for all smart phone brands, have one touch capability to listen to broadcasts and one touch capability to interact live with our hosts during those broadcasts. Our live station streams are located everywhere on BBS Radio TV, and they include all the most popular bit rates (for slow and fast computers) and multiple alternative streaming options. BBS Radio TV also provides two call-in numbers for people with regular phones (so those without internet connection can still tune into your show). Listeners can also hear our live broadcasts on almost every major portal and affiliate partner website on the world-wide-web.
  29. Free customer service with a smile. We are always around and we are very knowledgeable! Being pioneers of this industry, BBS Radio TV has in many ways defined the landscape. In fact, many things shaping this industry were first introduced by BBS Radio TV.
  30. Free guest Leads. You will receive a steady flow of interview requests as they come into the Network, and you will have unrestricted access to a database which includes thousands of potential guests that wish to be interviewed.
  31. Free setup of your universe. This includes:
    1. Creating your permanent biography page
    2. Creating your permanent program page
    3. Creating your permanent Podcasting universe
    4. Creating your globally syndicated feeds
    5. Creating everything else you will need, and tying it all together - giving you the keys to the kingdom!

If you're not receiving these benefits from the network you are currently working with then you haven't experienced web radio tv talk show engineering done right! Try us out! We'll continue to earn your business every day! We guarantee it!

We put it all out there and leave nothing to your imagination because we know what we're doing. We put our prices, our services, and everything else out there for you. Compare us to any company in the professional and personal web radio tv talk show industry, and you'll find we are tops!

At BBS Radio TV there are no additional fees or hidden costs for any of the services we provide. To find out more about hosting your own talk show on BBS Radio TV, please read more at the links below:

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