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Spiritual Teacher, Animal Communicator
Dog Whisperer, Dog Instructor, Rescue Dog Trainer, Competition Dog Trainer, Author
Talk Show Host, Magazine Publisher, CEO, Writer, Traveler, Dog Enthusiast, Dog Expert
Computer Programmer, Senior Systems Analyst, Research Physicist, Marine Architect, Advanced Propulsion Engineer, Author, Scientist, TV Host, Lecturer, Biblical Student, Energy Researcher
Lost Civilization Researcher, Explorer, Writer, Author, Photographer, Entrepreneur
Corporate Journalist, Editor, Author, Radio Show Host, Correspondent, Mysteries Explorer, Music Composer, Photographer, Surfer
Writer, Astral Projection Facilitator, Out of Body Experiencer, Teacher, Hospice Volunteer, Musician, IT Professional
Ancient Civilization Historian, Edgar Cayce Authority, Crystal Skull Guardian, Linguist, Speaker, Ancient Mysteries Researcher
Author, Theorist, Numerologist, Educator, Trainer, Awakener, Success Catalyst