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Software Engineer, Humanitarian, Progenitor of Dischoops, Writer, Director, Producer
Writer, Philosopher, Teacher, Esoteric Researcher, Lecturer, Teacher, Author
Authority on Near Death, Near Death Researcher, Scientist, Author, Writer, Columnist, Director, Forms Analyst, Entrepreneur, Altered States Investigator, Hypnotist, Numerologist, Astrologer, Speaker, Therapeutic Counselor
Political Activist, Lobbyist, Commentator, Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group, Lecturer, UFO Disclosure Activist
Esoteric Researcher, Consciousness Explorer, Writer, Author, Keynote Speaker
Sociologist, Writer, Editor, Counsellor, Executive Director, Publicist, Clean Energy Activist, Author, Speaker
Researcher, Scholar, Editor, Radio Show Host, Writer, Producer, Speaker, Occult Authority
Author, Filmmaker, Researcher
Self-Educated Scholar, Directive Mythology Teacher, Experimental Mysticism Explorer, Writer, Comparative Mythologian, Author