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Real Estate Answer Man ShowGuest, Sandra Edmonds
April 08, 2014
"Queen of Tax Deeds", Tax Deed & Auction Expert

Sandra Edmond is known as the Queen of Tax Deeds.  She has been buying at…

Real Estate Answer Man ShowGuest, Phil Stevenson
March 25, 2014
Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

Phil has over 9 years of experience in the mortgage industry including …

School of Human PotentialGuest, Dr Elizabeth Lombardo
March 19, 2014
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

Elizabeth started her professional career as a Physical Therapist after…

Galactic ConnectionGuest, Michael El Legion
March 10, 2014

“I was born Mark Block in Boulder City, Nevada on September 20th 1953 at 4:…

The Holistic Health ShowGuest, Dr Edward Close
March 15, 2014
Environmental Engineer

Dr Edward Close is a PhD Environmental Engineer with 40 + years experience,…

Cosmic LOVEGuest, Christos Lightweaver
March 08, 2014

Any global solution must naturally neutralize the psychopathic evil behind…

Lets Find OutGuest, Luisa Rasiej
March 10, 2014
Healer, Psychic, Life-Coach

Luisa Rasiej’s aspiration as a child was to become either a pirate or an…

Angels Are Near UsGuest, Rajiv Parti MD
March 10, 2014

Rajiv Parti, M.D., is a knowledgeable and experienced resource in the areas…

On the Double with The Double S XpressGuest, Bobby Jackson
March 10, 2014
12-year NBA Veteran

Bobby Jackson graduated from Salisbury High School in 1992.  He attended…

On the Double with The Double S XpressGuest, Bobby Jackson
March 10, 2014
Seattle Times Sports Writer

Percy Allen has covered the Seattle sports scene for many years.  From…