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New RealitiesGuest, George Steinfeld
February 18, 2014
Psychologist, Holistic Practitioner, Human Behavior Expert, Writer

BIO BELOW FROM: http://…

New RealitiesGuest, Howard Bloom
January 21, 2014

“I know a lot of people. A lot. And I ask a lot of prying questions. But I’…

New RealitiesGuest, Layne Dalfen
December 31, 2013
Dream Interpreter

Layne Dalfen, Gestalt Counselor, and dream analyst is a published author,…

New RealitiesGuest, Denise David Williams
May 13, 2014
President, Producer

Denise David Williams

After earning a…

As You Wish Talk RadioGuest, Barbara Lamb
May 24, 2014
Crop Circle and Alien Abduction Researcher, Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist

Barbara Lamb is a Crop Circle and Alien Abduction…

Sri and Kira LiveGuest, Steve and Barbara Rother
June 29, 2014

Steve is the channel for the group beginning in 1996. 6 books later the…

Life Changes ShowGuest, James Valenti
March 31, 2014
Internationally Acclaimed Tenor

James Valenti
Internationally Acclaimed Tenor


Life Changes ShowGuest, Jacqueline Marcell
December 02, 2013
Author of "Elder Rage," Television Executive, Caregiver

Jacqueline Marcell was a television executive, but she barely survived as a…

Life Changes ShowGuest, Jason Hughes
December 16, 2013
Author, Tennis Star, NDEr, Holistic Counsellor, Teacher, Coach

When fate intervened in his life, author Jason Hughes was forced to forge a…

Life Changes ShowGuest, Marianne Williamson
January 13, 2014
Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Author and Lecturer, Founder of the Department of Peace Campaign - a grass roots campaign to establish a United States Department of Peace

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and…