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School of Human PotentialGuest, Dolphin Kasper
May 07, 2014
Founder & CEO Evolve Now

Susan grew up in NYC, where she taught teens in a Brooklyn ghetto. She has…

InnerViewsGuest, Patricia Cori
April 28, 2014
Shaman, World Traveler, Activist, Screenplay Writer, Healer, Intuitive, Lecturer, and Author

Patricia Cori, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, is a world-renowned…

The People SpeakGuest, Carey Wedler
May 13, 2014
Blogger, Activist, Writer

CAREY WEDLER is the girl whose Youtube video went viral with near a…

The People SpeakGuest, Ben Blum
May 20, 2014
Whistleblower and Documentary Filmmaker

BEN BLUM is a 13 year old documentary filmmaker who lives in San Rafael, CA…

The People SpeakGuest, Ben Blum
May 20, 2014

MARK KLEIN is the whistleblower who exposed AT&T’s participation in…

The People SpeakGuest, Ellen Brown
May 06, 2014
Attorney, Civil Litigator, Researcher, Author, Political Activist

ELLEN BROWN - Green Party Candidate for Treasurer of California 2014…

The People SpeakGuest, Dr Helen Caldicott
May 27, 2014

DR. HELEN CALDICOTT is the single most articulate and passionate advocate of…

Affirmations For LivingGuest, Lordiel Palmer
April 09, 2014
Spiritual Practitioner

Lordiel host a regular radio show on blog talk radio, she is also a…

Real Estate Answer Man ShowGuest, Peter Zalewski
April 15, 2014
Real Estate Consultant and special contributor to the Miami Herald and a real estate columnist for The Real Deal magazine

Peter Zalewski is a nonpracticing licensed real estate broker, consultant,…