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Through study and application, Dr. Alison has learned how the chakra system reveals the keys to health and happiness. With Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening upon us, this ancient system is more relevant now than ever before. As Dr. Alison shares stories from her clients’ personal transformations, the metaphysical is grounded into the physical for your benefit.

In this book you will:

• Learn how to not take life so seriously

As we in the United States celebrate Independence Day again, I am moved to take the concept it is built upon and put it under greater scrutiny.

What is it to be free? Here in America, we think we are free because we have civil rights set in place by our forebears, the right to vote for our elected officials and the ability to move within the country as we please.

The Deer in the Headlights

I wasn’t sure what to call this story. You’ll see why in a minute. Most of us are familiar with the phrase in the title—that moment when you freeze, that moment when you’re unable to respond. It’s usually not an actual deer in the road, although sometimes it is, but a form of communication that lets you know that your life won’t be the same.

Fear is that really icky feeling caused by the belief that something or someone will hurt us.  Some fears are justified, like the possibility of getting badly burned if we choose to run into a burning building.  People have been known to die if they run into burning buildings.  Not running into burning buildings is a good way not to get badly burned and/or die.  And some fears aren’t justified,  like the possibility of what might happen if we choose to do something new that’s not life-threatening and still feels scary.

In lieu of a functional brain, I’d begun operating on intuition, not yet understanding that surrendering the idea of thinking my way through problems instead of allowing myself to be guided was the wisest thing I could do.

If you’re looking for logic, you might be wondering what an adult Alaskan Malamute is doing in a public library.  You might be wondering if it’s in accordance with the library regulations to bring string cheese and water to nourish said Alaskan Malamute (and her sister Malamute) during the visit to the library.  You might be wondering why a public library would allow two big, furry, energetic dogs to shed, explore, and possibly incite the fear and allergies of who knows how many children and adults who are scared of big dogs and sensitive to animal dander.

During times of retrograde, we are presented with opportunities to find resolution with our past and the people who have been in our lives.  Are people from your past, sometimes your distant past, finding you during this time of retrograde?

So I asked God to send me a partner in love, in light, in service, and in life.

I’ve joined with more than one partner to do these powerful things together until death did us part.

I met my most recent partner when neither of us was ready or willing to open our hearts to each other.  Circumstances brought us together, but circumstances couldn’t make us love each other until we both relaxed our resistance to love.  And that took years.  Neither of us gave up on each other, although we both were tempted to leave the relationship along the way.

Vast political differences, conflicting agreements on climate change, rising fundamentalism and horrific scenes of aggression are igniting the question:

Will humanity survive the next few years…and if so, what will remain?

There is a seeming challenge ahead for those who have chosen to be awake to the rising energies of the fifth dimension.  The daily onslaught of the third dimensional experience is viscerally becoming denser. The expanding fear and emotional reactivity is difficult to ignore and the outer world seeks to keep you stuck in fear, doubt and judgment.