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Compendium by Christopher Rudy

March 17, 2016

Ascend with the Power of Love 

The Dalai Lama didn't understand the question. Why would they be competing with each other? Wouldn't the best way to proceed be to each person declare why they would be qualified for the job?

Imagine, an election where people simply stated their abilities without mudslinging each other!

The energy of competition often keeps you from achieving or creating what you desire. If you are running a race and look to the left or the right of you, it slows you down and you see others zoom by you.

Hello All,

Big shifts happen when we take the time to access our connection to Consciousness. There are many ways to do it and here it only takes a few moments to bring ourselves into alignment with the All. No matter our sense of the size of the shift in the moment, it is all about being in Grace and holding awareness when we are.

What does the Buddha's smile indicate?

We all need to know that we are OKAY. Many of us don’t feel that and maybe never have.

Everything we notice about ourselves and world is about perspective. It is our point of view or attitude. It is about focal points, close-up and wide angle and everything in between. Change your perspective and you can change how you experience yourself in your world. It can be eye opening in so many ways! New perspectives only happen when you change your point of view.

Responsibility and Burden. Whether it was in group, in myself, in mine or others’ clients, this is up in our stories. And they seemed to be glued together. When you consider the meanings of each they are different but you can see how they can get fixed that way.  

Responsibility means the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. 2) the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something. 3) the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization. Burden means: a load, especially a heavy one.

No matter your trainings or beliefs, spending time with your authentic voice, your inner voice, is more important than the way you get to it. We are using Consciousness Technologies as the medium to being in the field of the Heart or Unified Consciousness. The sea of potential that is Consciousness is what we bask in and allow to permeate our beings.

Hello All,

What if you felt peace inside you as the norm? What if you felt compassion as your norm? What if the world was in peace and chaos was a way to incorporate change as the norm? There is a lot of stuff in the world that would say that war and mayhem and discord are everywhere and we are all “going to hell in a hand basket". Whether it is money, war, abuse, religion, politics, spirituality, science, or medicine, all have organized energy in them that can challenge peace and compassion in our centers. 

OBEY...Your Outcome-Based Future!


Novus ordo seclorum:  "New Order of the Ages"

For quite some time I have been reporting that everything you do...has been pre-planned for a long time. Globalization and the advance of the New World Order, designed by the Regime to eliminate sovereign nations - has never been more evident than at the leadership conferences in Davos, Switzerland.