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The Alchemy of Business Show with Steve Rodgers

TITLE: The Power of Scientifically Determining Buyer Habits, Making Choices, & Living a Purpose-Driven Life with Esther Wildenberg


Saving with Steve with Steve Sexton

Guests, Brent Kaspar and Steve Sless

The Sports Doctor with Dr Robert Weil

Guests, Peter Golenbock and Jessica Crowley

911 Free Fall

Title: Chemist Niels Harrit: Three forces brought down the Twin Towers

This week on 9/11 Free Fall, chemist and eminent 9/11 researcher Niels Harrit joins host Andy Steele to discuss a number of scientific points related to the World Trade Center’s destruction, including his hypothesis that explosives, thermate, and nano-thermite were all used in the demolition of the Twin Towers. Niels predicts that a major awakening to the truth about 9/11 will take place in his lifetime.

Dr. Steven Greer is an American ufologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of alleged classified UFO information.

Saving with Steve with Steve Sexton

Guests, Lisa Thompson and Kevin Roberts

The Veterans News Hour with David C Cory and Richard Hurley

Transitioning from Service, Adjusting to civilian life, mental health treatment, hearing loss and aids, testing for tinnitus

The Sports Doctor with Dr Robert Weil

Guests, Dimitra and Dr Michael Lenz

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld

Marina Seren and Geraldine Orozco Dealing with the ET Agenda