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The Tony Durso Show

Success Through Networking with Frank Agin and Tony DUrso

Insight Intelligence with Mario Bekes and Toni Lontis

You Don’t need Anyone

The Sports Doctor with Dr Robert Weil

Guests, Sharkie Zartman and Mike Riggs

Logical Thinking with Paul Biener

Guest, Dr. Peter, solutions for the planet, benefits of using hemp for universal purposes, bliss molecule

Sound Healing with David Gibson

Self Expression, the upcoming conference next weekend, sound therapy clips

Saving with Steve with Steve Sexton

Guests, Isabel Leong and Thomas Michael Hogg

ET Yoga with Charles Green

Deep Spiritual Insights and thinking, part 2 of Akashic Records, Athena Swarru information on what are wars

911 Free Fall with Andy Steele

Chemist Niels Harrit: Three forces brought down the Twin Towers

This week on 9/11 Free Fall, chemist and eminent 9/11 researcher Niels Harrit joins host Andy Steele to discuss a number of scientific points related to the World Trade Center’s destruction, including his hypothesis that explosives, thermate, and nano-thermite were all used in the demolition of the Twin Towers. Niels predicts that a major awakening to the truth about 9/11 will take place in his lifetime.