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Adventures Into Sovereignty with Andrew Bartzis and Rebecca Cope

Adventures Into Reality with Andrew Bartzis, Danielle Lynn and Santi Azpilicueta.

This may sound like a term that represents support, but it is actually speaking to people who create lengthy relationships (“Common-law”) Support and how it is not recognized in California. Where is it recognized and what happens if this is the choice you make, but make a break after a long-term relationship? It is often referred to as"non-marital law".

Associate Professor of music business at Belmont University, Author, Entertainment Lawyer

South Florida Real Estate Market Update on the Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez.

Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez and special guest, Juan J. Perez, real-estate attorney.

Topic: Short Sales Are NOT Dead! Why Short Sales are a viable option for avoiding foreclosure.

The Divorce Alternative Center ( is a new plan for the dissolution of a marriage without the casualty of the family members, and certainly without it becoming a war. This concept is not only about prevention, it is about follow through to make sure all members get coaching, counseling and group support to rebuild the identity and maintain the dignity they had and still deserve.