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Author of 'A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife', Public Speaker, Human Rights Activist and Group Founder in New South Wales, Legal Aid Volunteer, Afterlife Writer and Researcher
Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator, Appraiser, Forensic Architect, Litigator
Writer, Columnist, Major, Justice Party 2012 Presidential Nominee
Lawyer, Juris Doctorate, Editor In Chief, Writer, NHL President, Legal Columnist, Health Freedoms Activist, Speaker, Author
Attorney, Civil Litigator, Researcher, Author, Political Activist
Lawyer, Running for California Senate, 9-11 Truther, Political Activist
Author, Lawyer, Bank President, General Counsel, Chairman, Trustee, Board Member, Best Lawyers in America Destinction
Attorney, Nutrition Specialist, Scholar, Consultant, Lecturer, Columnist, Writer
Lawyer, SEC, Litigator, Commentator, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Volunteer, Supervisor