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Second Autumn

We are song-writers that record our own music. We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia near the Shenandoah river. Our interests are to provide super quality demos of our songs, hopefully find publishers/artits that would take an interest in them. Our musical tastes are broad and we write everything from retro-60s to soft Country. Our folk music has a pop-sound quality. We seek excellence in presentation and take pride in our lyrics.
Kill The Beast Band

Kill The Beast Band are a rock country band founded in 2012. We specialise in producing new wave rock music with influences from the country genre and a strong belief that our productions should always tell a story. We do this through our lyrics and our music videos. We have three members: Wolf, Wizard and Eye, each with their own part to play. Wolf writes and voices the songs, Wizard plays keyboard and Eye is based on graphics.

Kill The Beast Band Production: Record Label Music and Video Production, Distribution and Promotion.
Wendy Martin

Thank You For Loving Me” is a song of love and appreciation. This retro style R&B tune is a departure from the common love themes of heartbreak and loss. It’s a song I wrote specifically for my husband. He’s been a constant support in my life even through the darkest of days. It is fast becoming one of our most requested songs at live performances. It would make a great wedding song.
Liv Waters

Hi there!

My name is Liv Waters and I am a country artist. I have a new single releasing December 7th. I want to make a change with this song. It's called "When The Young Die" and is about all of these senseless acts of violence out of pure hate and it's in the eyes of a victim. All proceeds of this song will go to helping all those effected in hate crimes, more specifically the Thousand Oaks tragedy that happened this past week in our backyards in California. I want to spread love, healing, and happiness with this single and I hope that you can help me do so.
Kenny Young Band

 Kenny Young and his band hail from the southern shore area of New Jersey. After one listen to this band, you’d swear these boys lived somewhere below the Mason-Dixon Line. Kenny’s life has traveled many roads over the years and he paved them into a collection of songs that range from beautiful ballads like “Lay A Rose” to balls-to-the-wall rockers like “Krazy“The Kenny Young Band began to pack venues throughout the southern shore towns in New Jersey.
Jordan Prince

Jordan Prince is an American Singer-Songwriter from New Orleans, LA climbing up the folk music charts in Germany. Having played for Munich’s Hauskonzerte series (following in the footsteps of artists like Glen Hansard, and Julien Baker), being PULS Radio’s Artist of the Week in June 2016, and having Thees Uhlmann name the Jordan Prince Band EP as Demo of the Year (2016), Prince continues to spread the sound of his addictive body of work.
Holly Auna

Holly Auna started as a small town girl who grew up on a farm in Southern Indiana learning how to play her guitar around bonfires before playing hundreds of shows at venues all around the Southern Indiana/Louisville, KY area. At the age of 16 she first began making trips to Nashville, TN. Over the last 9 years, she has traveled back and forth between Nashville and New York City writing music and playing shows. At the age of 19, she signed a deal with the Disney Network where they featured her original music on the Disney Stars YouTube Channel.