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Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Randy B. Corporon PC
September 27, 2021
President at Law Offices of Randy B. Corporon PC

Randy B. Corporon PC

Shadow PoliticsGuest, Jennifer McClellan
September 26, 2021
STATE SENATOR JENNIFER L. McCLELLAN Senate of Virginia (Democrat, District 9)

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, John Lott Jr.
September 24, 2021
American economist, history in politics, economics, gun rights advocacy

John R. Lott Jr. is an American economist with an extensive background and…

The Sports DoctorGuest, Sonny Smith
September 22, 2021
Famed former head basketball coach at Auburn, Virginia Tech & East Tennessee

Roan Mountain, Tennessee native Sonny Smith was a…

The Sports DoctorGuest, Lou Vickery
September 22, 2021
Former Baseball Major League Pitcher with Cardinals & Yankees, Author, Speaker & Radio Host

Lou Vickery is a former professional baseball player, stock broker,…

Paradigm ShiftersGuest, Judy Carroll
September 21, 2021
Author, Lifelong Contactee, Telepath, Galactic Messenger, Teacher

Judy Carroll was born in Queensland, AU, in 1952. Her family background is…

A Night At The RoundtableGuest, Sherri Bausch
September 23, 2021
Multi-Dimensional Healer, Intuitive, Ascension Guide, Light Language Channel, Artist

Sherri Bausch is a Multi-Dimensional Healer, Intuitive, Ascension Guide,…

Dare To DreamGuest, BOB DOYLE
September 30, 2021
Bob Doyle is known to most as a Law Of Attraction teacher, who has been featured in the movie 'The Secret'.

Dare To DreamGuest, CONNIE ZWEIG, Ph.D.
September 23, 2021
Connie Zweig, PhD, is a writer, and retired Jungian-oriented psychotherapist. She has been a pioneer in fields of shadow work and meditation practice.

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Peg Cage
September 20, 2021
Bonus Member Boulder County