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Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Dick Wadhams
October 08, 2021
political consultant, former Colorado GOP Chair

Dick Wadhams is a Republican political consultant who…

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, George Athanasopoulos
October 08, 2021

From Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Dare To DreamGuest, LORI BRENCKMAN
October 07, 2021
A Licensed Professional Avatar Master. She’s been delivering Avatar for 30 years and teaches Avatar Courses worldwide.

The Sports DoctorGuest, Trish Kruchten
October 06, 2021
Mom of Matthew

The Sports DoctorGuest, Dimitra
October 06, 2021
CEO of Synergistic Six

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Ron Hanks
October 06, 2021
Colorado State Representative


Serving Our Country…

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Karen Kataline
October 06, 2021
Radio Host, Author

Karen received her Masters’ Degree in Social Work from Columbia University…

Shadow PoliticsGuest, Elle Rochford
October 03, 2021
Ph.D., Sociology, Purdue University

One More ThingGuest, Wesley Hyatt
October 03, 2021
Writer, Content Editor at IBM
Wesley Hyatt is a writer with an emphasis in pop culture…
Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Tom Tancredo
October 01, 2021
Former Representative to Congress from Colorado

Tom Tancredo is a former congressman from Colorado who ran unsuccessfully…