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Maria Anna van Driel
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Good day Madam/Sir, My name is Maria Anna van Driel (Dutch from origin) I am the author of 3 books, 6 English written articles in Paranormal Underground Magazine, 1 Germany written article in Q-PHAZE magazine, 2 correspondent broadcasts at Paranormal Underground Radio and one interview concerning my books and personal paranormal experiences which was conducted by bestselling author Michelle Pillow. I have reviewed some shows which are available in your archive and I believe that I would be a great guest for your audience. As a guest on your show, I would propose discussing the following key points: - What a paranormal investigator is really doing during his/her investigations. - The dangers of a non-prepared investigation. - Shadow people as a possible primal energy. - Did some ecclesial leaders denied the population the exit to a knowledge which can lead to an understanding of the different dimensions of this globe? - How the outside world is looking/reacting to the unknown and unseen. Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing back from you. Warm regards, Maria Anna van Driel Author & writer Theoretical physicist 034363 500555 (Germany) 

Paranormal investigative journalist

Besides being a published author and writer, Maria Anna is a paranormal investigative journalist & Theoretical physicist creating new theories around known events in paranormal phenomenons due applying crazy technological experiments from the past and the present. As a born medium with e.g. psychometric capabilities and remote viewing, she wrote several novels after connecting with what she calls ‘the galactic library’. 'The NWO their thoughts...your life’ (It's time to wake up, we are the illusion) 'Our mind in a controlled quantum Euclidean space?' (Natural and unnatural energies as a global weapon for mind and behavior control) 'The Source of Immortality'(The global Elite and their fountain of youth) Not only ‘the galactic library’ was/is a source for her writings, she spoke to many people in the last 20 years having different backgrounds and functions telling their version(s) about e.g. UFO abductions, witnessing strange events and objects at Area 51, crazy looking medical forms and reports, eerie creatures walking the areas of the Grand Canyon and many more sources she respectfully leave anonymous in her books. Except for her books Maria Anna also let you know and understand the horrors of our daily illusion on her You Tube channel by speaking out her thoughts concerning crazy technologies and paranormal phenomenons in which she gives viewers the opportunity to create their own opinion in the unknown and unseen.

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034363 500555