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Angela K. Pearson
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I am Not Contagious

By Angela K. Pearson

A Book for Children Who Have Known the Sting of Rejection and Ostracism When Parents Have Decided Against Vaccination

Angela K. Pearson's Movement to Protect Children's Self-Esteem When the State Takes Away Their Right to Public Education -- and Others Fear or Point Fingers


Angela K. Pearson had a very powerful reason to opt out of the standard CDC-recommended vaccination schedule for her youngest children. Immediately after her healthy elder son was vaccinated, he developed side effects and eventually the chronic symptoms of systemic lupus, the same autoimmune disease her father had, and which has caused lifelong challenges for her son.

Her daughter and youngest son, Grayson, have remained perfectly healthy without any vaccinations. And yet, on the heels of Grayson entering first grade-just weeks into the school year-Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a mandate that only vaccinated children could attend school in the state. More than 26,000 children were banned from public and private education. (Similar laws have been enacted in California.)

As a result, Angela was forced to quit her very-successful career to be a stay-at-home home-schooling mom. But she was especially concerned about the impact that this rejection and the resulting ostracism by other children and parents on Grayson.

So while seeking to restore his sense of self-esteem and emotional equilibrium, she hit upon the idea of a children's book - for Grayson and other similarly-situated children, told from Grayson's view point. 

Thus was born I am Not Contagious, a beautifully-illustrated children's book that explores a child's frustration at these adult issues, but also the wisdom to know there is nothing wrong with him or her. The book is a heartwarming story from a youngster's perspective, filled with confidence, compassion and courage.

But for Angela, the book is more than just a mission to help children through such challenging dilemmas. It is also one aspect of her quest for medical freedom for all parents and individuals seeking to make decisions that may run counter to government regulation and medical establishment practice or policy. She advocates for informed consent and believes that vaccines are not a one-size-fits-all solution...that family history must be taken into consideration.

To help parents and students to process, synthesize and rebound from this societal rebuff, I am Not Contagious also includes puzzles and lessons on basic freedoms and individual rights. More of these, along with an audio of Grayson reading the book, and parent's supportive worksheets, are available on a free book giveaway that Angela is also hosting at Parents can actually purchase I am Not Contagious t-shirts on her website,

A lifestyle mentor and entrepreneur with a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science and Community Health, Angela is an educated holistic health enthusiast, who chooses to feed her family organically rich, chemical-free food. Protecting her children's health is her number one priority. 

If you would like to interview Angela K. Pearson on I am Not Contagious and her mission to help children and parents deal with these issues, please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details.


Angela K. Pearson is passionate about her family. She is a devoted mother of three and enjoys helping her children discover their talents, whether that be wrestling, music, martial arts, a business goal or themselves. She considers her children to be her biggest accomplishment. Aside from their health and happiness, she makes it a priority that they understand their basic human rights and encourages them to lead their lives with a moral compass.

After her eldest son experienced an adverse reaction to a vaccine, she adopted a conservative approach to the sources from which she receives information.

Angela has been a holistic enthusiast for 20 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and Community Health. She believes earning her degree is a bonus in her life, but it’s not what defines her. She is strongly convinced that having a college education doesn’t make a person smarter than a person without one and that education stems from being open to factual information that isn’t indoctrinated or one-sided.

Being informed on vaccine ingredients and their direct effects, she opted out of the CDC’s vaccine scheduled program. Her daughter and youngest son never received any vaccinations, and are perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, her eldest son was diagnosed with systemic lupus, the same autoimmune disease Angela’s father had.

She advocates for informed consent regardless of where you stand on the matter and is confident that vaccines are not a one-size fits all. Given her history, she believes that every child should have their family history carefully examined along with the vaccine doses and ingredients before performing this type of medical procedure.

Angela is a lifestyle mentor and entrepreneur. I Am Not Contagious highlights not only her experience as a mother, her son’s perspective, but also provides a systematic analysis of human behavior and how it relates to society and the lack of education on this topic.

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