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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 20 August 2022

The Raw Spill with Harold Roberson

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On this show, we speak on things that happen locally, nationally and worldwide, and discuss what the bible says about such things!

Weekly Show
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BBS Station 1
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7:00 pm CT
7:55 pm CT


The Raw Spill, March 28, 2023 Pastor Torey Doucette of The Texas Keynotes, and his experience in the music field
The Raw Spill, March 21, 2023 Bishop Roberson and Pastor Bolden discuss if tithing is for the church today
The Raw Spill, March 14, 2023 The War Against Life, Abortion, Contraception and Sodomy with Pastor Anthony Bolden
The Raw Spill, February 22, 2023 Guest, Evelyn Turrentine-Agee, what's happening with gospel music
The Raw Spill, February 15, 2023 Guest, Moses Tai, The Truth of It Is
The Raw Spill, January 31, 2023 George Dean of The Gospel Four speaks on his experience in the gospel music industry
The Raw Spill, January 24, 2023 Guest, Pastor Bill Jenkins, should a man find a wife on his own, or ask God for help?
The Raw Spill, January 17, 2023 Guest, Arthur Crume of The Soul Stirrers
The Raw Spill, January 10, 2023 Guest, Jarrin (Bluenose) Green, from Houston, TX, Near Death Experience
The Raw Spill, January 3, 2023 Families that handle tragedies, the system we live in today
The Raw Spill, December 20, 2022 Guest, Pastor Bill Jenkins
The Raw Spill, December 13, 2022 Guest, Willie S Banks Jr.
The Raw Spill, December 6, 2022 Guest, Arthur Crume of The Soul Stirrers
The Raw Spill, November 29, 2022 Guest, Fred Rice of The Pilgrim Jubilees
The Raw Spill, November 22, 2022 with Harold Roberson
The Raw Spill, November 15, 2022 with Harold Roberson and guests
The Raw Spill, November 8, 2022 with Harold Roberson and guest
The Raw Spill, November 1, 2022 with Harold Roberson and guest Shawn Kelly, Train Them
The Raw Spill, October 25, 2022 with Harold Roberson and guest Pastor Scott LaPierre, Marriage God's Way
The Raw Spill, October 11, 2022 with Harold Roberson and guest Vincent Tolman
Harold Roberson
Truck Driver and Talk Show Host

Harold Roberson is the radio talk show host of The Raw Spill, a show about current events and what the bible has to say about such things.