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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 23 January 2023

The Bev Moore Show

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The Bev Moore Show is the latest Radio Media Space where Entertainers share highlights of their career and more. Broadcasting weekly on the iHeart Network.

Tune in Fridays at 12 noon EST, 11am CST, and 9am PST to listen to 60 minutes of informative, entertaining interviews, with actors promoting their latest film and TV projects, developments and new releases, plus interviews with authors and successful entrepreneurs, with uplifting music.

The Bev Moore Show, engaging, informative entertainment!

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Talk Show Program Archives

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Bev Moore
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CEO & owner of Bev Moore Talent Agency, producer, global influencer, and writer

As a child Bev Moore knew there was something unique about her beaming personality, and as a result, her uniqueness has led to great achievements in life. From high school cheerleader to business executive and global charity donor, Bev Moore has reached extraordinary heights in life.

In July of 2022, Bev’s attraction to the Entertainment Industry landed her a Host role of the Bev Moore Radio Talk Show, a one hour program, broadcasting weekly on the iHeart Network, produced by Cathy Irby Durant with Devine Communications. Bev’s natural ability to interview Hollywood Actors and successful business owners keep listeners tuned in weekly.

The Bev Moore Radio Show is Bev’s latest achievement but not the only highlight of her entertainment career. Outstanding accolades include movie credits in 2022 as Executive Producer of “Inherit the Land,” Directed by Cylk Cozart, based on the 2006 “Inherit the Land book,” written by Gene Stowe, and “Gerald’s Hands,” a compelling inspirational drama about the trials and tribulations of a person with Autism. In November 2022, Bev Moore became Executive Producer of “I Am That I Am,” Episode 2, a Faith Based TV Series, streaming worldwide on Pzaz TV and Amazon Prime Networks, produced and directed by Cathy Irby Durant.

Bev Moore is CEO of the Bev Moore Talent Agency located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Bev Moore Talent Agency represents Film Actors and High Fashion Industry Models. Bev also takes great pride in empowering Women to be the best they can be in business and leadership. Her Social Affiliations include Member of Women's Presidents Organization (WPO), Member of Innovation Care & Consulting (ICC), and she is a member of the for a Bio-Science Company located on the campus of John Hopkins University.

As a business leader Bev Moore’s Education is continuous as a Student of Stanford University’s - Executive Entrepreneur and Executive Business Programs. Now days, Bev is very excited about her journey in the business and entertainment industry. She enjoys helping others, including supporting underserved people fulfill their dreams. As a Social Media Influencer, Bev Moore is very connected and has thousands of followers.

From 2021-2022, Bev Moore has appeared on the covers of Business Magazines featured as an outstanding Entrepreneur and Businesswoman. She attributes her success to the “Grace of God” and her ability to love and care for others.