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For many people, February is a tough month.  In the northern hemisphere, Winter is dragging on, and the lack of warmth and sunshine has been taking it's toll.  The holidays are over, although Valentine's Day is coming up, which brings up relationship issues.  And many of us are mourning losses.  People seem to pass during the holidays, the "veil" is thinner, we feel and miss our deceased loved ones more.

We made it through the holidays, but this year has been a doozy so far.  We've stepped up to a new evolution of Consciousness and all sorts of things are coming out of the woodwork.  When you're vibrating at a higher level, things that are dense get dislodged.

It may feel like your foundation is being rocked, or the mortar holding your life together has come loose.  Things that were your anchor points have gone, your own identity may seem to be dissipating.

Your Inner GPS (c)2015 Joan M. Newcomb

One of the confusing things about being an empath is that you feel other people's emotions inside you.  Sometimes I'll feel them come from outside, usually moving in from one side or another.  But their emotional communication will pop up inside as well.

It's one thing to hear the neighbor's music coming through the walls of your apartment, it's another to have it playing on your own Ipod!