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What is Appreciative Inquiry and How Will It Improve My Life?

My next radio show will be featuring Jackie Kelm who worked with colleagues at Case Western Reserve University to create the life-changing process called Appreciate Inquiry or AI for short.

I became intrigued with the concept as I researched it on-line while I was gathering resources for my Happiness Hangout website. It seemed like a great way to not only help raise positivity at work and personally but be able to take communication to a new level.  Here is a bit about it.

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A Twist on Giving Thanks

It seems especially appropriate as Thanksgiving is upon us in the US, to remember to give thanks to those for whom we are grateful. We should but often forget to tell those who we like or love how much they mean to us, provide compliments or just thank them for the things they do for us. We may think about it but never say it…so let’s say it, especially now.

Have you ever read Marianne Williamson's piece "Our Deepest Fear" before?  If you haven't, please read it now.  It is short, yet very powerful.  I believe it calls for us to look within ourselves to face our fears and be our best.  Not the easiest thing in the world to do.  And makes most of us very uncomfortable.

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