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Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie and Julie Peters

Topic: Is it ok if your mom pretends to be you online?

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Jodie Myers

Jodie Myers - Cinematographer that films Childbirth - MyBirthMovie

Title: Jodie Myers 
Description: Speaking with Jodie Myers, creating a cinematic masterpiece of the first moment of life. Memories that will live forever. 

Sharmin Smith for President 2020

Sharmin Smith is an every day mom and American citizen who will not stand by any longer and watch our wonderful country held hostage by politicians who are corrupt and do not respect the will of their constituents.

Sharmin has traveled the country as a military brat and spouse to a career Naval Officer. She has seen the hurt in our citizen's faces as they try to pay their bills and raise their children in a country that seems to not care about them anymore.