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Discussing two articles:

Disclosure, Co-Creation and Ascension
Quantum Computing

A Special Report On
The Israel Issue

Gathering the tribes of
as mass illusion disintegrates. 

This is the critical global issue that requires
Spirituality vs. Religion and Good vs. Evil
as the Whole Truth exposes the Big Lie.


Understanding Political Zionism 

Highlights of the Week
Discussing these 4 articles
from this last week:

April 7, 2018

April 9, 2018
Message from Universe
I Am / We Are

April 11, 2018
The Best Way to Regulate Facebook
Universal Interface for Global Interaction;
The InnerNet Connection

Synopsis of THE EVENT this week

Saturday's show was St Patrick's Day,
and the 'Emerald Matrix of Truth' was
blazing for this Cosmic LOVE Show.

Note how the EVENT, here reported,
is clearing 'snakes' from the swamp
in Wash 'DC' (District of Criminals).

This Show is a summary of four
articles with videos this week,
from many perspectives.

Big Love - Compendium of the Week
Think Pink

Global Ascent from Chaos to Order

A timely 'Reality Report' on
decentralized global reset
with 'Open Systems'

Open Systems = Freedom:
Interactive with input & feedback
Closed Systems (Tyranny):
Non-interactive programming
with no feedback choice

Resolution of this conflict is now the
'New American Revolution', globally.

 Buckle up folks… and hold on to your hats!
 Get ready for some mind-blowing stuff that
may be both fascinating yet confounding.

 Much of the narrative in this show follows
from three recent compendiums with
   timely videos plus related articles:

Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make it So!

~ Christopher

 There are some very positive portents for 2018
 that mainstream Deep State media avoids like
  the plague. Fearless faith in a positive future is
indeed the nemesis of faithless fear-porn that
is endlessly promulgated by the Deep State's
attempt to keep us cowered and subservient.

2017 Review and 2018 Preview
Hope you enjoyed the 2017 Big Shift Series.
52 compendiums with videos over the year.
  Thanks to all who contributed to this 2017
... a unique time capsule of
current events framed with 'L O V E'