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Molecular Bioscientist, Lecturer, Researcher, Educator, Author, Nutritionist
Author, Civilization Water Migration Explorer, Pre Columbian Voyages Researcher
Entrepreneur, Technical Advisor, Finance Degree, Mergers and Acquisitions Expert
Freelance Writer, Author, Writer, Historian
Author, Investigative Journalist, Talk Show Host, Lecturer, Writer, Alternative Science Expert
Filmmaker, Host, Writer, Director, Thrive Community Founder, Aikido Black Belt, Living Geometry Researcher, Human Potential Facilitator, Consciousness Educator
Writer, Author, Alien Agenda Researcher
Doctor in Computer Engineering, Scientist, Nuclear Researcher, Author, Writer, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Marketing Director, Scholar, Philosopher, Meditator, Lecturer, Speaker
Physicist, Senior Engineering Specialist, Fusion Investigator, Professor, Writer, 9-11 Truther, Archaeometrist