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Interview with Dr Kathy Forti on Cosmic LOVE with Dr Christopher Rudy

Psychologist, Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Randy Cramer aka "Captain Kaye" returns for a second interview, delving deeper into his experiences as part of the USMC Special Section and Mars Project. 

Join me for a fascinating interview with "Captain Kaye" the pseudonym for Randy Cramer. 

Captain Kaye is a US Marine and Super Soldier who served for 17 years on Mars, defending the Mars colonies.  He was a part of Project Moonshadow and was assigned to the Mars Defense Force from a covert military branch, United States Marine Corps, Special Section, set up by President Eisenhower as a unit that would uphold moral ethics and hopefully keep things in check in regards to the activity of MJ-12 and some of their more unscrupulous members.

US Marine Super Soldier of USMC Special Section and Mars Defense Force - Truth Teller

The Impossible Truth with Orly Benny Davis and special guests, Congressman Joe Wilson and Judge and General Frank Simon

Lena Live with Julian Lampart as host, interviewing Dr. Michael J. Brescia of Calgary Hospital.