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Adama Speaks with Adama Alaji
Segment 1: September 30, 2021 Part 1
Segment 2: September 30, 2021 Part 2

ET Yoga with Charles Green

Science and Magic of Andara Crystals and Pleiadian Ancient History

Divine Intervention with Karen Young, From Dark to Light

Discover Your Potential with Dan Gilman

Guest, Kimberly Meredith, Healer, Psychic, Channel, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland

Guest, Megan Rose

Sound Healing with David Gibson

Sound for Cancer, getting rid of cancer through sound

A Licensed Professional Avatar Master. She’s been delivering Avatar for 30 years and teaches Avatar Courses worldwide.
A relationship and transformational results expert, speaker, seminar facilitator, management and organizational development consultant, master healer and coach.