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Satsang with The Shambhala Center We begin this session addressing the question of how one can be in the space of love and still take what looks like personal action when needed. Shusara speaks at length about the times we are collectively moving through and the importance of doing deep inner work at this time of restructuring. We finish the session explaining the process we use at The Shambhala Center to uncover what constitutes patterned consciousness, which is called Processing. 

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld with Dr. Elizaeth Lambaer and Inessa Zaleski

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Talk Show Host, Guest Expert, Brand Ambassador

The Galactic Roundtable with Elizabeth Trutwin

PEACEFUL HEALTH IS YOUR NATURAL STATE with Medical Intuitive- Madalyn Souzzo. It is a challenge to expand from an outdated belief system of those experts who deal with only the physical/chemical aspect of our humanness. Many people, including doctors, do not yet realize the fact that there are numerous factors that set off those chemical processes. We are on the edge of an evolution in human healthcare that includes the human spirit, emotions, our environment, stress and various decision making aspects of our lives; i.e. our own awareness.

This coming Tuesday night's program is called The Journey. We plan to take a look at our lives from the perspective of being on a grand adventure. What is the nature of that journey and how do we make the most of it? As the Urantia book says,

"In entering Sidon, Jesus and his associates passed over a bridge, the first one many of them had ever seen. As they walked over this bridge, Jesus, among other things, said: “This world is only a bridge; you may pass over it, but you should not think to build a dwelling place upon it.”