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Transcendental Meditator, Mystical Experience Doctor, Professor, Teacher, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, Researcher, Doctor in Comparative Religions, Humanitarian, Editor, Lecturer, Trainer, Author
Physician, Metaphysician, Author, Psychologist, Minister, Editor, Writer, Musician, Farm Worker, Philanthropist
Collegiate Boxing Coach, Attorney, California Fish and Game Commission President, Montana Nature Conservancy Director, Author, Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, Talk Show Host
Author, Investigative Journalist, Talk Show Host, Lecturer, Writer, Alternative Science Expert
Native American, Canadian Human Rights Campaigner, Crimes of Church and State Researcher, Author
Author, director, journalist, film photographer, Knights Templar Researcher, Medieval Church Researcher
Software Engineer, Humanitarian, Progenitor of Dischoops, Writer, Director, Producer
Writer, Philosopher, Teacher, Esoteric Researcher, Lecturer, Teacher, Author
Esoteric Researcher, Consciousness Explorer, Writer, Author, Keynote Speaker
Researcher, Scholar, Editor, Radio Show Host, Writer, Producer, Speaker, Occult Authority