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Science Researcher, Religous Researcher, Prophecy Investigator, Author
Author, Speaker, Computer Geologist, Computer Systems Designer, Technical Operations Manager, Media Specialist, Researcher
Faqir, Yezidi, Iraq, Record Keeper, Prophet, Mediator
Doctor, Social Scientist, Futurist, Author, Director of The Academy For Future Science, Scholar, Historian, Theologian
Doctor, Social Scientist, Comparative Religionist, Scholar, Author, Founder of The Academy for Future Science, Professor, Consultant, Speaker, Researcher, Orientalist, Anthropologist, Writer, Composer
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Media Commentator, Clergy, Theologian, Author, Spiritual Leader
Author, Religion Blogger, Researcher, Writer, Reiki Master, Bioenergetic Healer, Chi Healer, Columnist
Transcendental Meditator, Mystical Experience Doctor, Professor, Teacher, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, Researcher, Doctor in Comparative Religions, Humanitarian, Editor, Lecturer, Trainer, Author
Physician, Metaphysician, Author, Psychologist, Minister, Editor, Writer, Musician, Farm Worker, Philanthropist