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From Fantasy to Fetish and then some! Ever wonder what it would feel like to be the dominatrix, or maybe just to be spanked? In the next hour, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, author or ORGASM FOR LIFE, will continue part-2 of this series! There are so many dimensions of KINKY sex, but we are going to start to cover them! Whether in a new relationship or married for years gone by, fantasies, and kinky sexual concepts can spice up any relationship. These can be so difficult to discuss, but on this show, nothing is TABOO, so HERE WE GO!d?

It is time to talk sex in the bedroom! In the next hour, Author of Orgasm For Life, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, will help us understand why talking about sex is actually what we often fear the most, but has the most potential to enhance and deepen our greatest intimacy. Thoughts, desires, fantasies, are all subjects that create vulnerability, but they are the way to the hottest and most passionate sex you will ever experience! Do not miss Part 1 of this 2-part series where we mover to FANTASY, and FETISH next week.

Come on over and join Rochelle and I for a Christmas eve/eve gathering. We'll be actually.  It's our weekly radio broadcast of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth"--at home with the Striders. 7 PM Tuesday nights at

Admirable Friends with Buddy and Carol Fichera

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Today's Topic is on Generosity


At Home with the Striders --Episode 3

During this show we get to f ind out just what insanity both Errol & Rochelle have to deal with on a daily basis.  The audience has the unique privelege (some might call it torture) of listening in to the absurd, sometimes outrageous dialogue...sprnkled with a few drops of wisdom culled from their 40 years (almost) oof putting up with each other.  

Admirable Friends with Buddy and Carol Fichera (and guest ALEX)