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Sonny Provetto is a former state trooper, EMDR clinician and a trauma consultant for police departments and emergency responders nationwide. He runs the Vermont Center for Responder Wellness, a comprehensive treatment center for first responders, which uses a multi-disciplinary approach to healing traumatic stress.

Katharine Pope is a renowned Forensic Investigator and Crime Scene Specialist, whose resilient career and path through PTSD and Alcohol Use Disorder is remarkable. Death investigation is a challenging field that requires a unique personality, work/life balance, and a wide range of skills to be successful.

True Voice with Dr Fred

A voice traveling through the world, piercing through noise, becoming activated, vocalizing back

Saving with Steve with Steve Sexton

Guest, Ismat Mangla, Magnify Money Working Adults

Ismat Mangla, award-winning content strategist, marketer and journalist with a passion for helping people make the best decisions with their money

The Tony Durso Show

Unlocking Your Potential with Jeff Lerner & Tony DUrso

From broke jazz musician to $50 million in online sales, Jeff Lerner’s story and message are now inspiring millions. 

After a decade of building multiple online businesses to over 8 figures and twice landing on the Inc. 5000, Jeff turned his focus to educating and inspiring entrepreneurs about the power of digital business. 

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Discover Your Potential with Dan Gilman

Guest, Steve D Sims

EMDR Clinician, Trauma Consultant for Emergency Responders, Retired State Trooper
Internationally renowned transpersonal psychologist, lecturer, visionary, teacher, and award-winning author, founder of The School of Images

The Spark with Stephanie James

Guest, Jaemin Frazer, Author, TEDx speaker, coach, The Insecurity Cure

True Voice with Dr Fred with guest Sam Morris

Leadership Brilliance, Bad demographics and clients, activating amazing individuals, the true voice course