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The New Reality Show with Dr. Christina Winsey, D.C., Dr. Arthur B. Emrich

What is self-love & what can you do to develop more of it without appearing selfish?

Self-love is something we don’t talk much about in our society.  In some ways it has been a taboo topic. Some people equate self-love with being selfish.  But self-love is actually about being self-full in a good way.  It is about creating appreciation for yourself by the actions, thoughts and feelings which support you in mind, body and spirit.  It means you won’t hurt yourself or sacrifice your own wellness just to cater to the demands or judgments others are making.  You Count!

What can you accomplish with self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis puts you in the “right,” focused frame of mind and it helps you to tap into your abilities and make you more effective.  With self-hypnosis you are able to get to the peak of your ability to perform – your unique power.

When you see a great athlete, inventor or artist you’ll notice they are generally in a state of intense focus on the task in front of them.  In essence he or she is in a state of self-hypnosis.  

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