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Addiction Crisis: Truth, Justice and The Road to Recovery

Retired L.E.O. and FBI agent Michael Van Meter is a well respected Law Enforcement Leader and an Addiction Recovery Expert. In this episode, he talks about the devastating effects of addiction on the public, himself, and his profession. Pulling from personal and professional experience, Michael shares thoughts on this complex, controversial subject. 

True Voice with Dr Fred with guest Sam Morris

Breaking The Silence with guests, Chanelle Arterbridge, Clarence Bumpas, Ronisha Johnson and Anthony McCauley

Retired Corrections Officer, Police Officer, FBI Agent and Instructor, Educator

Paramedics Don't Sleep

Award-winning paramedic and educator Nick Paproski talks with David about a vital and elusive commodity: SLEEP.

Peer support is an essential element of any emergency response team. This episode features an interview with Doug O'Rourke, a Lieutenant with the Hamden Fire Department, who also serves as the Director of the Connecticut Firefighter Peer Support Network. In this video, Doug talks about the organization and its mission. He discusses the importance of peer support in the fire service, and how an effective peer support program can help prevent issues like PTSD and depression.

True Voice with Dr Fred

Guest, Sam Morris

Breaking The Silence with guest, Tristan Love, Director of Learning and Engagement at WayFinder