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Toxicologist, Scientist, Author, Expert in Reproductive Toxicology
Anesthesiologist, Philanthropist, Medical Director, Spokesperson, Physician, Pain Management Expert, Writer, Author
Associate Professor, Osteoarthritis Expert, Writer, Educator, Director, Presenter, Consultant
Professor, Chairman Emeritus, Spine Surgeon, Consultant Reviewer, Editor, Author
Preventive Medicine Pioneer, Integrative Medicine Authority, Clinical Nutrition Expert, Physician, Surgeon, Energy Coach, Weight Loss Motivator
Chiropractor, Chairman, President, Trustee, Advisor, Consultant, Director, Lecturer, Writer
Holistic Healer, Spiritual Counseller, Corporate Consultant, Program Director, CEO Coach, Lecturer, Adjunct Instructor, Doctor in Comparative Religion
Medical Doctor, Diplomat, Human Consciousness Researcher, Human Rights Activist, Pain Management Expert, Writer, Author, Satellite Surveillance Investigator
Chief Medical Officer, Pioneer of Integrative Medicine, Essential Oils Expert, Chriopractor, Advisor, Speaker, Writer, Author
Psychologist, Addiction Therapist, Author, Columnist, Presenter, Speaker