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Doctor of Internal Medicine, Surgeon, Pediatrician, Allergy Expert, Immunology Expert, Instructor, Professor, Lecturer, Advisor, Clinical Researcher
Chief of Anesthesia, Director of Education, Surgeon, Psychic, Parapsychologist, Writer, Author, Researcher
Therapeutic Apheresis Pioneer, Immunotherapist, Medical Director, Writer, Physician, Immunologist, Educator
Physician, Lecturer, Author, Homeopathic Doctor, Pediatrician, Spokesperson
Physician, Author, Nutrition Expert, Lecturer, Clinical Researcher, Writer, Medical Expert, Radio Show Host, Editor, Columnist, Consultant, Philanthropist
Otolaryngologist, Surgeon, Author, Assistant Professor, Integrative Medicine Reseacher
Chiropractor, Executive Director, Editor, Trainer
CEO, Nutritional Business Consultant, Supplements Product Developer, Author
Family Practicioner, Geriatrician, Diplomat, Medical Director, America's Top Family Doctor Distinction