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Psychic, Medium, Astrologer, Philospher, Yoga Professional, Classical Pianist, Martial Artist, Actress, Model, Writer, Author, Columnist
Metaphysician, Visionary, Author, Etheric Field Researcher
Senior Fellow, Researcher, Columnist, Editor, Author, Writer, Remote Viewing Expert, TV Producer, Speaker
Transpersonal Psychologist, Intuitive, Author, Lecturer, Life Coach, Counselor, Astrologer, Motivator, Speaker, Spiritualist
Scholar, Mythologist, Teacher, Astrologer, Philosopher, Visionary, Researcher, Speaker, Lecturer, Producer, Presenter, Explorer, Metaphysical Expert, Writer, Author, Historian
Astrophysicist, Army Intelligence Officer, Advisor, Broadcaster, Radio Host, Author, Channel, Teacher
Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Linguist, Writer, Speaker
Psychic, Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Speaker, Writer, Author
Author, Nostradamus Scholar, Futurist, Author, Broadcaster
Author, Scholar, Prohet, Astrologer, Lecturer, Doctor of Metaphysics, Hynotherapist, Astrophsychologist, Motivational Speaker, Healer, Broadcaster