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Voices of Courage, 02/03/2020

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Voices of Courage
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Guests, Dr Moshe Engleberg and Darielle Archer

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster

Guests, Dr Moshe Engleberg and Darielle Archer

Today we discuss leading with love in life and business and how to thrive around negativity.

My first guest, Dr. Moshe Engelberg, is an author, speaker, and consultant who inspires businesses worldwide to be their best by thinking differently, acting courageously, and leading with love. He joins me today to discuss uplifting business by putting the power of love, or "amare," to work, while outperforming competition stuck in the old, warlike paradigm.

My second guest, Darielle Archer, is an author, certified hypnotherapist, breakthrough coach, and Co-host of The Natural Choice Network, who helps people discover, create and enjoy a life they want using the power of the conscious and unconscious mind. She joins me today to share how to protect our energy, release and break free from harmful negativity, and use positive energy techniques (codes) to thrive consistently.

We Discuss:

  • A powerful, love-centered framework for prospering in business and being an effective leader

  • The major causes of disengagement and unhappiness in business and what's missing

  • How the energy of love (amare) uplifts, connects, and sets great organizations apart from others

  • The impact of the "Business as War" paradigm and the emerging "Business as Love" paradigm

  • How to overcome negativity and transform states of being into something more positive

  • The power of negativity and how disruptive and debilitating it can be to our overall well-being

  • Turning our negative energy to positive and protecting ourselves from the negativity of others

"Let's put love to work and provide a different way to prosper so the results show significant promise. Companies that do this, do better."  - Dr. Moshe Engelberg

About Moshe:

Dr. Moshe Engelberg inspires businesses worldwide to be their best by thinking differently, acting courageously, and leading with love. His innovative ideas and approaches are deeply rooted in a combination of applied behavioral science and diverse wisdom traditions, tested and refined through almost three decades of consulting with world-class organizations.

As founder and head of the business strategy consultancy ResearchWorks, Dr. Engelberg's clients include global health and technology companies, federal and state government agencies, large and small nonprofits, foundations, and startups.

Moshe is a teacher at heart who helps others find the deep knowledge and truth they hold within. His extensive academic credentials include a Ph.D. from Stanford University in Communication, and Masters degrees in both Psychology and Public Health. He has published numerous research papers and designed and taught many executive education and graduate-level courses.

As a speaker, Moshe consistently delights and inspires audiences with his innovative thinking, open heart, dry wit, and practical “how-to” tips and techniques. His book, The Amare Wave: Uplifting Business by Putting Love to Work, converges lessons Moshe learned through years of consulting with a wide array of businesses, mentoring executives, teaching, and his own spiritual journey.

The next book in the Amare Way series, Riding the Amare Wave: Inspired Stories of Leading with Love, is in the works. Moshe lives in San Diego with his wife Dana and their pets, and with grown children nearby. He gets his inspiration from family and friends, ocean kayaking, beach walks, anything nature, yoga, and kirtan music

About  Darielle:

Darielle Archer is an author, certified hypnotherapist, breakthrough coach, and Co-host of The Natural Choice Network, KKNW Alternative Talk Radio. With a decades-long practice, she divides her time between Seattle, WA, and Southern, CA, though she has clients around the world.

Darrielle believes that we are always interacting with our environment on multiple levels seen and unseen at the same time. Everything we see, feel, taste, touch, or experience has an impact on us. She has been into mind-body-spirit connection since childhood, learning firsthand how to use these energies in overcoming many challenges.

Darielle is a holistic energy worker, clearing and protection specialist, and a rescuer of animals. Her knowledge gives her the ability to see beyond the words or actions to understand the underlying motivations. Darielle has designed programs to help people clear the past with insightful exercises designed to help people reach their dreams, and coaches people to find the gaps between where they are personally or professionally and where they want to be.

Darrielle has studied in Santa Cruz, California and England, Scotland, Wales, Tibet, and Costa Rica. The Thriving Code is an expansion of a pocket-sized guide originally released in the early 1990s and still requested by her clients and their friends.

"We're a chemical soup - whatever goes in, whatever we think, changes our chemistry."  -  Darrielle Archer​

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