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Healing Energy for Everyone, March 31, 2021

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Healing Energy for Everyone
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Crystal Surgery, introducing the world to a new form of crystal healing

Healing Energy for Everyone with Vivien Schapera and Toni Lontis

  • Welcome and intro – 5th in our series of 6 shows; Listening live on FB, LI website, like subscribe and email

  • Incredibly lucky to have Vivien Schapera on the show with us for the next couple of weeks where we will delve into all things healing energy for everyone. But before I introduce you all to this wonderfully experienced and wise woman, here’s a bit about Vivien at Work and at Home

In 2020, Vivien published an award-winning, ground-breaking textbook, The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery, introducing the world to a new form of crystal healing. 

When not teaching, healing or writing, Vivien can be found gardening, cooking and spending time with her two granddaughters. Other interests include travel, photography and making YouTube videos. Vivien lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband and two cats.

Good evening Vivien and welcome to the show, we are so glad you are here!

We have been having such a wonderful response to these shows that we wanted to answer a few more questions.

On of our viewers last week asked about crystals for manifestation. What a great question and thankfully we have the expertise of Vivien on hand to answer this great question.

1. So I’m going to hand over to Vivien to talk to and show us all about crystals and manifestation.
Viv demonstrates
- How to use crystals for manifestation – love abundance, money, calm, confidence etc

  • Set intention,

  • Raise vibrational energy

  • Energy of abundance, vibrational levels

  • Jewelry, bowls of crystals, 


Attributes: In nature, it grows in perfect, shiny, gold, squares.

Known for: Being a symbol of good luck. Commonly referred to as “fool’s gold.”

  • the abundance stone. This is a great one if you have a business.

  • small stone inside your wallet

  • known as the “high manifester.” 

  • Pyrite is a really beautiful crystal for bringing in money, for grounding, for opening up into prosperity in many ways, but especially in financial terms. Pyrite is also a heart opening stone. It’s widely used as a crystal of luck and fortune. 

  • helps you bust through blockages.


Attributes: A yellowish color, but they come in different shades.

Known for: It’s the stone for monetary abundance and personal power.

  • the third chakra, which is our solar plexus. It resonates with the color of yellow.

  • for abundance and manifestation

  • go to crystal for manifesting financial freedom, success, prosperity, and abundance!

  • Combats negative energy

  • promotes generosity, so the prosperity and success can be shared.

Green jade, green aventurine, and green moss agate

Attributes: Varying shades of green, ranging from translucent to opaque.

Known for: They’re known as money stones in different cultures.

For manifesting WISDOM & SPIRITUALITY – Amethyst 

The Amethyst crystal promotes calm, balance, and expanded consciousness. It's great for strengthening intuition, which helps us to manifest our desires quickly by pointing us in the direction of our goals.

Its purifying energy is linked to cleansing the mind of negative thoughts and releasing addictive behaviors.  It’s also helpful in making a clear connection between planes, making it excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming.  Amethyst is used to open one’s channels to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience and clairvoyance and communication with angels.

Clear quartz

Attributes: Translucent in nature, though some parts may be denser and appear white.

Known for: For working with all chakras and encouraging clarity.

  • clear quartz in the same vicinity as all these money crystals, because you want to amplify the vibration.

  • great tool for manifesting anything your heart desires, as they amplify your energetic vibration.

Tiger Eye crystal - Manifest wealth, luck & courage

Tiger eye is a fantastic crystal for manifestation, and in particular, to manifest wealth. But the creation of wealth is one thing but you need to know how to hold on to it.

Tiger Eye is brilliant for helping you to protect the wealth you have gained as well.

Tiger Eye can help you with getting more self-confidence, courage and strength of will. Focus and confidence, important stages in the Law of Attraction, are greatly facilitated with this crystal.

Rose quartz

Attributes: A light pink, semi-translucent form of quartz.

Known for: It’s often used for compassion and for love.

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart. It's nurturing, compassionate, and loving energy makes it the perfect crystal for promoting bonding with friends and family, calling in a romantic relationship, or cultivating more self-love.

Bringing in abundance is, to me, about learning self-love, self-empowerment and self-trust. It’s about being able to take down those walls so that you can have everything good come in, too.


Attributes: A whitish translucent crystal often found in stick sheets.

Known for: Being the energy clearing crystal; often used as “wands” to wave and clear energy.

it’s going to keep things moving,

Emerald and ruby tumbled stones

Attributes: Emeralds have a distinct, green shade; ruby tumbled stones have a more opaque color than their crystal versions.

Known for: Emeralds are known for promoting unconditional love; Rubies are known for encouraging vitality.

2. Crystals for Sprit Guide attraction

Vivien Can crystals be used to attract spirit guides?

  • Can be used with meditation and dream work to assist in receiving messages and guidance

  • How to do this

  • What to use

  • Benefit in stillness

  • Crystals amplify intentions and thoughts

  • Promote conscious awareness

  • More receptive to messages

Selenite is strongly linked with the Moon Goddess, Selene, and has a natural connection to night and the dream state.  Because it is so strongly tied to moon energy, it promotes intuition and psychic insight.

Amethyst crystal in your receiving hand and write down the dream experience as precisely as can be. You may wish to draw sketches as some things from dreams can be difficult to convey with words alone. 


One of the best crystals for spirit contacting the spirit realm is Jade…deep green, beautiful Jade. Jade has ancient connections as an ancestor stone all throughout Asia, especially in China. Many people believe Jade helps heal “karma” in your ancestral line. Your connection to your ancestors is very important, and going back and healing things that are passed down in your family lineage is a powerful practice and Jade can help with this. Use Jade to contact your ancestor spirits. 


Another crystal that I’d highly recommend for contacting the spirit realm is Angelite. This crystal can help you connect with your spirit guides and angels. It brings the protective energy of your guides into your space. This crystal can help you find a great deal of comfort, keeping you feeling safe and supported.  It is excellent for stimulating your intuition and allowing messages from your guides to come through loud and clear.


One of the most powerful stones for ancestor connection (along with Jade) is Turquoise. Turquoise is traditionally known as a wisdom stone. Some Native American legends say that it is connected with father sky, who was thought to be very very wise. Turquoise has also been known for promoting communication with your ancestors. So, in order to impart clear, simple communication regarding the wisdom of your ancestors, you can work with a Turquoise stone.  When you hold a piece of turquoise, remember that the ancestors are here and they’re watching over you; they’ll keep you protected and step in when they’re needed most. But it’s also partly up to you to keep the channel for communication open and ask for help when you need it.

Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine promotes harmony in your environment, especially in your sacred space. When working with spirit beings, it’s helpful to be sure that your space is tranquil and free from psychic debris.  Green Aventurine works to keep things peaceful and harmonious so that communication continues in a positive, progressive manner.


Amazonite is a wonderful stone to promote positive communication with nature spirits like fairies and elementals because it allows you to speak from the heart. When you’re trying to connect with these sensitive beings, it’s important to remain heart-centered. Approaching fairies and elementals can be delicate, but when you’re coming from a heart-centered place, these beings are much more likely to make contact with you.  Amazonite helps shift your vibrational frequency to be more aligned with the high energy fairies and elementals.


Malachite invites protective guardian spirits into your space to watch over you and all members of your family, even your pets. This crystal should be placed near the door so that anyone who’s entering your home, will be protected while they’re within that energy.  It also helps you communicate with spirits that seem to be stuck in a space, keeping you protected before and after contact.

 3. Last question - Neil and how to meet your spirit animal

  • Downloadable,

  • Drumming

  • Voice recording

Tonis Notes

A spirit animal is a reflection of you, and is there to remind you of your inherent wisdom. They represent archetypal energies, typical traits that are personified by a specific creature. Acting as our allies, teachers, guides and protectors, if a spirit animal is showing up in your life, it has a message for you and wants to work with you.

To work with your spirit animal is to step into the power you need most in any moment. This can help you feel more grounded, give you the confidence for a job interview, make you feel more alluring for a hot date or give you the strength to ask for help when you need it. Above all, it can help you to feel more confident, proactive and supported.

A list of common spirit animal & their core qualities -

Here is a brief introduction to animal meanings for some common guides:

Bear - The bear spirit animal is thought to be one of the most powerful. It is deeply emotional and feels a deep connection to the earth and the outdoors.

Butterfly - The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and development. It is incredibly adaptable and approaches all changes with ease and grace.

Cat - The cat symbolizes curiosity, adventure, and independence. It has also mastered the art of patience.

Deer - The deer is a sensitive, highly intuitive spirit guide. It strikes a balance between confidence and success and gentleness and grace.

Dove - The dove represents peace, blessings, and new beginnings. It is a hopeful and optimistic spirit animal.

Dolphin - The dolphin spirit guide represents playfulness and wisdom. It is a master communicator and unifier.

Elephant - The elephant (my spirit animal) symbolizes wisdom, gentleness, and spiritual understanding.

Frog - The frog is the spirit guide of healing physical and emotional wounds. It speaks to the importance of checking in with oneself and healing from the past in order to live in the present.

Fox - The fox is the guide of camouflage. It has mastered the art of detachment and growing with surroundings.

Horse - The horse is the guide of passion and drive. It's incredibly productive and goal-oriented.

Hawk - The hawk spirit guide represents perspective and the ability to see things from all sides. It is extremely compassionate and empathetic.

Lion - The lion spirit guide represents heart and courage. It's a natural-born leader with a deep sense of authority.

Mouse - The mouse represents the importance of details and scrutiny. The mouse guide reminds us not to overlook the smaller stuff in life.

Owl - The owl is the spirit guide that has the ability to see what others miss. It sees the deeper meaning of things and discovers the hidden treasures in life.

Peacock - The peacock represents resurrection and reinvention. It knows it's never too late to change course.

Turtle - The turtle is a highly spiritual guide that represents the journey toward wisdom, truth, understanding, and peace.

Tiger - The tiger guide represents raw feelings and emotions. It is highly intuitive and great at following instincts.

Wolf - The wolf is connected to intelligence, instinctiveness, and freedom. It follows primal instincts above all else.

Goat – new climbs and new endeavors, trust in your own abilities, have faith, surefooted, strong work ethic, back up plans, abundance, ambition, balance, faith

CTA books, courses and workshops
The biggest undertaking recently has been your text book The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery – some 25yrs of research has gone into the writing of this book. Can you tell the audience all about the book?

Join us next week when we further embark on the journey of Healing Energy for Everyone.

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Healing Energy for Everyone

Show Host

Crystal Surgery - The Amazing 21st Century Method of Crystal Healing

Learn how to do Energy Healing and Psychic Surgery using crystal tools. Vivien Schapera, Teacher and Healer with over 33 years of experience, shares her expertise with you in these unique crystal healing courses.

Explore a wide range of topics, including: the healing powers of crystals; the chakras, energy field and energy body; and healing states of consciousness. 

Crystal Surgery is a new style of crystal healing, founded in the 1990’s by Vivien Schapera.

In Crystal Surgery, the crystals are used in very specific ways as tools for “operating” on both the energy field and the energy body. The energy field is the electromagnetic force field, which emanates from the physical body and the energy body, and surrounds the physical body. The energy body is the energetic duplicate of the physical body and is made up of etheric tissue. Etheric tissue consists of “materials” from the etheric dimension, in contrast to the physical body, which is made up of materials from the earthly dimension.

Originally, the Crystal Surgery techniques were comprised mostly of procedures for “operating.” The Healer holds and uses the crystals like scalpels and other surgical instruments, and applies the crystals to skills such as scraping, cutting, cleaning, suctioning and stitching.

Crystals are an ideal instrument for such activities: Imagine that you are a chef and you have a magical knife. This magical knife can sense the food properties as it cuts, and as it senses, it can also deliver the precise ingredients that will balance and harmonize the flavors of the entire dish you are creating. And that is not all! Additionally the knife can develop a bond with you, and begin to communicate telepathically, giving you all manner of salient information. Well, that is what crystals can do in Crystal Surgery! Crystals can be used as tools for specific “surgical”actions, whilst they simultaneously adjust wavelength and chemistry.

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