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Kindly accept this pitch for a guest star on your show and allow your audience to be captivated by the genius that is LIL DRANKO. 

With the release of LIL DRANKO's new album "Wedding Vows To Money" we are looking to make as many public appearances as possible to promote the album. Thus we see this interview as an opportunity to do so, while also adding value to your platform through our extremely entertaining, fun, and successful artist. We will also be running social media adverts to drive traffic to the interview. 

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Matlotlo Sennacherib Archiebolt Maimane famously known as "LIL DRANKO" which stands for Love Illustrated Live Drawn Rotating Around Nations Knowing Omnipotence is a Singer/songwriter, Executive producer, Model, Actor, Influencer, Designer, all-round entertainer, and Entrepreneur.

Born in South Africa LIL DRANKO started his musical journey at the age of five where he famously sang "Ke Lapile" his first song in a hotel at Durban. He continued making music and wrote another song at the age of nine under the stage name "MAS" a combination of the first letters of his names. At the age of sixteen, LIL DRANKO landed his first record deal with NME Records and went to work on a mixtape for his core fans. LIL DRANKO left the label to venture on his own starting his own major "Trillionaire Bliss" and has been dropping hits ever since.

Musically LIL DRANKO specializes in Hip hop, rap, trap, rock, punk, and alternative music. "DRANKO!!!" is recognized for his elite vocal style, impressive songwriting ability, and executive producing skills with unique content.

His unique purple & pink hair, extraordinary fashion sense have earned the title "first of its kind image".

ON THE SCENE LIL DRANKO has collaborated and received recognition from multiple established brands including Justin Gray, Aaron Carter, PUMA, The spear SA, Kerry Washington, Black Chyna, Lil Twist, Tabuis (Love & Hip hop Atlanta), David Tlale (Award-winning international designer) and many more.

His music (All released songs) has earned him multiple chart entries and gained radio playlisting in multiple countries including spending over a record nine months on the 2strongmagazine chart in the Top 10. While also being featured in other magazines and making multiple television appearances and radio interviews. In 2021 LIL DRANKO became one of the first artists to get nominated for the 2022 Show4me Music Awards, an ISC, and also got recognition from the Djooky Music Awards.

He has expanded his network to date by working with other major figures in the music industry and entertainment industry at large.


South Africa