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LIONS OF LYRA (band): with Rob Rowe and Debbi Dachinger
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Lions  of Lyra is a 2-piece American Upbeat healing medicine music band that hails form California. The band formed in 2020 based on a collection of healing, spirit connecting, love activating, and sacred music. The band members, who met at an upscale bar in Beverly Hills, just couldn’t get enough Nessie Gomes, Danit, and Rising Appalachia. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses beautiful conscious music that ignites your soul and uplifts your spirit. Debbi Dachinger, Lions of Lyra’s singer, is a graduate of USC theatre arts with a background in Broadway musicals, while Rob Rowe is a classically trained guitarist and graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Their music is intended to induce a heart-and-mind-opening journey. Debbi sings in multiple languages, including Lakota, Spanish, French, and English. Their music will make you want to groove with the uplifting beats and conscious lyrics that get you moving and flowing.

Now hailed as receiving the Award for the best at using music for sound healing, party goers and ceremony participants to go deepest on their journey and taking them closer to Source.’