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Elle Hari
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Let's set the record straight! Twin Flames are not Soulmates. So says Elle Hari, one of the world's leading experts on Twin Flames. Twin Flames are actually the same soul! The soul inhabits two physical bodies when it is incarnated here in the 3D physical world, with separate polarities, like a magnetic negative/positive charge. In order for a soul to return to this plane, it has to accommodate the duality of our Earthly manifested existence. So it inhabits two bodies at the same time and your Twin Flame is your identical soul with the opposite charge. Soulmates are just one speck of our shared divine essence, but they are not the direct match that a Twin Flame is.  

This is just one of the fascinating facts that illuminate Elle's Twin Flames Exposed:  Why Most of What You Think You Know About Twin Flames Isn't True and How Understanding The Truth is the Key to Being with Your Twin Flame In This Lifetime- a short primer on this oft-debated subject - can you meet and find love with your Twin Flame? 

And yes, there is hope! But there is also a chance that your opposite polarization can repel your Twin Flame away from you. Some couples make it and others may only be short-lived. And, of course, there is a chance you may never actually encounter your Twin Flame. But reading Elle's book, getting private coaching, or enrolling in her e-course The Process, will give you a better chance of success than going it alone.  

One of the risks of going it solo is a certain mania that often accompanies someone engulfed in the Twin Flame Journey. Elle has developed a proprietary method that "helps people overcome the pain and obsessive thoughts associated with a Twin Flame journey and to eventually have a loving physical relationship with their Twin Flames."

Elle knows from experience! It was her own painful Twin Flame journey that sent her on a search out of the misery she experienced at the loss of her Twin Flame relationship - short-lived as it was! It was the single most painful experience of her life-unable to even get out of bed or leave the house. After several false starts, she found her teacher, a woman who was the world's leading expert on Twin Flames. She agreed to take Elle on and impart all that she knew to her apprentice before leaving her mortal existence. Today, Elle has assumed her mantel and is guiding those challenged Twin-Flame couples to a peaceful and loving co-existence that realizes the utmost soul-matching joy and sexuality achievable in this terrestrial life. 

And by the way, Elle was able to magnetize her Twin Flame love back into her life using her new-found skills! 

So if you want to explore the myths and realities of Twin Flames and The Twin Flame Journey with Elle Hari on your show, then please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the call-in details


Elle Hari is a #1 international bestselling author and Twin Flame & Ascension Expert who helps people overcome fear, pain, and self-sabotaging limitations in order to guide them toward their true nature of bliss and perpetual happiness. 

After experiencing her own Twin Flame Journey, Elle left her career as a lawyer to help others navigate their own paths toward ascension.  Now as the founder and CEO of Elle Hari Universal LLC and creator of the Be With Your Twin Flame® and Mastery of Ascension Alchemy™ brands, Elle helps her students learn to unconditionally love themselves and manifest their greatest dreams. Her mission is driven by a passion to expand people’s awareness of the truth of the Twin Flame Journey and assist humanity’s spiritual ascension on a global scale.  

Elle has written four bestselling books, including: Twin Flames Exposed, Love Exposed, Yes, I Can! and Savvy Spirituality – The Sophisticated, Fun & Fabulous Person’s Ultimate Guide to Everlasting Happiness. 

She has recently been named to the prestigious Brainz Global 500 List for 2020 alongside Vice-President Kamala Harris and Elon Musk and the Top 10 Powerful Women in 2021 on Yahoo! Finance alongside Oprah Winfrey. For her expertise, Elle has been featured in Nicki Swift, MEAWW, Elephant Journal, and more.

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