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Candice M Bond
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I’m excited to introduce you one of the US's finest attorneys,Candice M. Bond. Would love to share her triumph story, as she work hard to get to where she is - and her goal of helping people who cannot help themselves.Bond, was raised in a trailer park and college, at the time was not an option. She is now founder of one of the top local law firms, Bond Legal a mother, and philanthropist doing what she loves. 

“As someone who went through a life-altering accident at a young age, I personally and wholeheartedly understand the challenges that come with the legal aftermath of serious or catastrophic injuries,” says Bond Legal Founder and Managing Partner, Candice M. Bond. “That’s why it was important to me to create a team of attorneys who are not only experts in their field but who are also keen on leading every case with ethics and morals on a contingency basis. We care about our clients on a human-to-human level, and we fight for them until they get the justice and compensation they deserve. No matter what, we stick with them until the end.” 


Managing Partner and Founder of Bond Legal

Candice M. Bond is the Managing Partner of Bond Legal, a national catastrophic injury law firm based in Irvine, California.  Candice has represented injured clients for over 15 years and founded Bond Legal with the mission of helping those whose lives have been shattered by catastrophic injury or tragic loss caused by someone else’s negligence.

It is a hardship she knows well. When she was growing up in Louisiana, a random driver’s negligent act caused an accident that seriously injured her mother, who was raising Candice alone. Candice, who was also in the vehicle, saw firsthand how lives can be changed forever and drastically in an instant.

The accident itself was only the beginning. Just 8 years old at the time, Candice was astute enough to question the intentions of the attorneys involved. She also saw the insurance companies act in their own interest.

To Candice, the message was clear: People need lawyers who genuinely care about them and the tragedies they endure. Candice works tirelessly to see Bond Legal thrive as a heart-centered firm, by tending to day-to-day operations, marketing, and building a team of visionaries and leaders to further the mission.

She earned her law degree graduating from California Western School of Law, San Diego, in 2005. She passed the California Bar Exam on her first attempt. 

Now she and her partners are licensed to practice law in states across the country. Candice guides Bond Legal as a national advocate and philanthropist. The firm represents and protects catastrophically injured clients from coast to coast. It is a cause in which Candice finds deep meaning – and the fuel to fight even harder. She knows how a catastrophic accident changes a family’s life in an instant, whether the injury is fatal or permanently disabling. Everything is impacted – jobs, marriages, futures. Financial devastation comes quickly with mounting medical bills and loss of income.

Easing that trauma for people is the fight Candice has battled passionately as the leader of Bond Legal. She lives her life as an advocate for every person she takes on as a Client.  

Candice ensures that Bond Legal continues its philanthropy on a national scale, providing relief with donations and scholarships and providing legal services pro bono when needed.

When she is not advocating for her clients, Candice loves spending time with her son, Justice Bond.

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