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Infernal Weveo!

nfernal Weveo! is a musical project originated in the cold south of Chile, specifically in Calbuco City, and made up of Reverendo Panzada (aka Nano Sperm aka Felipe Parra) as composer of music and lyrics, who was also the founder and editor of the broadcast site Chilean rock band Éjate Webzine.

Since early 2019, Unrivaled has been blurring the lines between punk and metal. Cultivating a sound that perfectly encapsules  their namesake. The trio out  of Cincinnati, Ohio are looking to make a dent in the music scene with debut album set to be release January 29th, 2021.
Suburban Rituals

SUBURBAN RITUALS is a Canadian 00’s alt rock inspired trio with roots in punk and metal. Their brand of heavy rock is edgy but melodic, with driving rhythm, catchy guitar hooks, and anthemic choruses.

Suburban Ritual’s latest single “Nosebleed” was released as a music video on YouTube which we are promoting with digital marketing campaigns. We think it would sound right at home on BBS.