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Hello. I'm a musician from Finland and this single is my first solo release in 15 years. A new funky and psychedelic track called duck and on the b-side a surf rock type track called drive from 4 years back recorded in a hippie commune. Both songs are one of the first things I came up when I purchased new guitars witch is always an inspiring moment. The surf rock track was born when I got my first Telecaster and the new song Duck when I just reasently purchased (eating porridge for rest of the year) a 1986 Fender Stratocaster that the same age as I am.


My name is Blaž Švagan and I am a saxophone player from Slovenia, releasing a debut single of the project Multiversal featuring the Grammy nomination recipient, the New York based vocalist Jonathan Hoard (Jose James, Chance the Rapper, Meshell Ndegeocello, Marko Črnčec, etc.). The single is already this weeks no.1 in Slovenia on radio Val 202.
Jordana Lilly
Jordana is an LA based singer-songwriter who brings a pop touch to her soulful sound. The theatricality of her songs reflect her musical theatre roots - her new upcoming single Locked Up is no exception. It's a funky dance bop summing up the narrative of feeling like you're a prisoner of your own mind (thnx anxiety!).
Davor Jordanovski

Davor Jordanovski has always known music would be his life; indeed, from his earliest recollection, it was his only choice. Fortunately, he was able to seriously pursue this path at the University of Music Arts (Saints Kiril & Metodij University) in Skopje. And while most musicians learn their trade by first listening to rock’n’roll records and then joining rock bands, DAVOR honed his already impressive skills in a full-blown 150-piece symphonic orchestra.