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Jon R Garey

Jon R Garey hails from the musical diversity of Northeast Ohio playing guitar and recording music since he was a young teen.  Influenced by music of the 60s and beyond, music has been an important part of his expression of the joy, wonder, and sometimes sadness of life.  Mornings will find him in the darkened confines of his home studio.  Evenings will find him performing his unique brand of Indie Pop at one of many music venues in the area where new music is always welcomed and appreciated.

Evan and Evan are a guy and a girl with the same name in the indie-folk band Alien Girl. 

When Evan was 9 years old she lived in Kansas. One day she drew a picture of Mars in art class. She told her classmates she was an alien. They called her alien girl. This was her name from then on. 

When Evan was 9 years old he lived in Portland, Oregon. He was a strange child who dreamed of being a mad scientist. This was his dream from then on. 

Love Crumbs
Bio: Love Crumbs hails from Western and Central Massachusetts. Folk music forged from where blue collar folks mingle with the erudite.
Love Crumbs delivers a captivating powerful and controlled female vocal sound over jangly acoustic guitar-themed stylings. The songwriting is a mix of prosaic and abstract ballads - on themes of love, loss, pain, addiction and contemporary social issues.
The folks in the band have all overcome varying levels of adversity to give you the crumbs of their love.