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Laszlo Jones

All the way from Beirut, Lebanon, Laszlo Jones travelled to Las Vegas, USA and Paris, France to record his latest EP "Beyond the Door", set to be released November 5.
Tawni Bias

My name is TJ and my artist name is Tawni Bias. I create in layers with a focus on emotional content and healing.

Being that vocal chords are one of our most unique features—my debut album, SEL Fellow, is an exploration into both the emotional cadence and the hidden sonic guidance they carry. The vocal work and sampling found therein done entirely by one changing, but consistent, voice.

Created from a heart of independence the album is filled with small room acoustics, ruminating lyrics, hopeful trumpets, isolated thoughts, small mistakes, and large moments.
Johnson Livingstone

ARTIST: Johnson Livingstone
LABEL: Silver Mining Music
SONG: Angels Dancin’ On the Head of a Pin

A child born from trauma 
Hand me down guilt and dogma
Comes a being spirit honed
Rent apart deconstructed
Audited and burnished
Who could have known?
I’m Johnson Livingstone
Neil Bacon

Minnesota singer and songwriter Neil Bacon has been waiting a long-time to share his original music with the world. Having debuted his vocals on stage at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN, back in 2003, the Minnesota Air National Guard soon took the reins.

MACHINE ARE: QUENTIN HAYNES, (guitarist/keyboards/lead vocals) STEPHEN HAYNES, (Bass/background vocals)

Quentin has been creating music since he was 10 years old. Being self-taught, he plays many instruments and is quite competent in composing scores for Independent Films. He also can hold his own as a producer and songwriter. "Q" is the engine of Machine.