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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 5 March 2021
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Infernal Weveo!
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nfernal Weveo! is a musical project originated in the cold south of Chile, specifically in Calbuco City, and made up of Reverendo Panzada (aka Nano Sperm aka Felipe Parra) as composer of music and lyrics, who was also the founder and editor of the broadcast site Chilean rock band Éjate Webzine.

Infernal Weveo is described as a catharsis of everyday situations expressed in staves, which can be treated with irony, humor and even anger. Musically, you don't want to rewrite the history of rock or punk, you always keep a melodic line that can be followed easily, but that is both effective and energetic. Some of the songs that are in the repertoire have more than 8 years of being written, so the topics covered have been varying through the natural life of the Reverend, it is expected for the following musical releases, the public can appreciate this both artistic and personal maturity, always enjoying a good time.

The greatest influences start with the national Los Mox !, (as a fearless confidence, these singles were always thought to have the same sound as the album “Con Cover”, 2006) and from there they branch out into other international and creole sounds , like: "Destruction", "Slayer", "Fun People", "Fiskales", "Konsumo Respeto", "Suicidal Tendencies", "Andrés Lecaros y Los Forajidos" and "Disaster".

In 2019 the band released their first EP called "Panzada ... El EP?" which is available on all streaming platforms and contains 6 songs, from which there is also a maxisingle of 2 outtakes, which contains covers of 2 Argentine artists. Bisagra was the single from that album with the most rotation in some radio media.

The 2020 IW! He released two singles in which he turns his sound upside down, closer to SOD, DRI or Suicidal Tendencies, with which they are promoting what would be a new EP without a publication date yet.